Posting some photographs with fall that I took recently in Järavallens nature reserve (Järavallens naturreservat) in Barsebäck. You may find them uploaded under the link SWEDISH FOREST. There you will also find other pictures with the forest that I took in Lomma,Torup nature reserve and close to Kullaberg's nature reserve (Kullabergs naturreservat) and Mölle in the Southern Sweden.

We have planned this photo session almost two months in advance. Swedish weather was not promissing...It kept on raining all days long and the sun did not dare to peep through the thick clouds. However, on our agreed day we had so much luck.. Early in the morning we had a pleasure to enjoy the rising sun and we had a gorgeous and warm fall day for taking the pictures. Thanks much to an amazing Sara's family for the wonderful morning. The pictures have been taken in the Järavallen's nature reserve (Järavallens naturreservat, Barsebäck) in Skåne, in the Southern Sweden. 

Thanks to Lena Karlsson for a nice article published 7 October, 2017 in Lommabladet.

It was a lot of fun shooting another very emotional pre wedding photo session with Eva and Henning! You guys were fantastic...I felt like I knew you for a number of years...
This time I was trying to concentrate on the black and white photography that claims to add a certain timeless and classic quality to the images. I do like time from time shooting in BW what means that you do not need to think about the matching colors of your composition and can concentrate more on the lightening and emotional aspect of the subjects... Enjoy.
To see the pictures of this session, please click on the picture below or visit a link Pre Wedding. 
(Oh, and thank you so much guys for booking me as your wedding photographer!)

How nice was it to work with Odett! Odett came to me from Hungary and we  had the most wonderful time shooting pictures. We were extremely lucky as we have chosen a perfect day for the pictures that you can only dream of in Sweden. On our way to the rocks we had some rain and we thought we would not be able to take pics any more. But to our great surprise we had the most beautiful fall evening by the rocks and it was totally wind free. And the sun...he made his way through the clouds so that we could enjoy the most wonderful sunset...
And yes, after that day we had ten days in a row with rain.
Please visit the link photo shoots for the FINE ART photography with Odett or click on the picture below. Enjoy.

Please contact me regarding your competition photos.

A pilot, a boat captain or…….? What an admirable, energetic and charismatic personality. It was a great pleasure to work with Joel despite of the strong wind blowing all the time. 
You may visit the link PHOTO SHOOTS or click on the picture below to see the photos of Joel. Enjoy.

Recently I have been shooting a pre wedding photo session. Arian and Marcus you guys were fantastic!! After the days of showers and rains we finnally got a sunny day suitable for the pictures. I loved every minute of this session as it was so beautiful and emotional. You guys were so kind and helpful to me...Without your help the pictures would never have been that nice and touching.
Please visit the link PRE WEDDING or click on the picture below for the photos of this session. Enjoy.

Hi everyone. Posting photos from another photo shoot. Really enjoyed shooting those portraits as they have been created in nature. I had a wonderful person as my model and hopefully I have revealed that well in my protraits. For these pictures please go to the link a PHOTO SHOOTS or click on the picture below. Enjoy.

Dear All,
It has been a while since I have posted new photos on my website. Now I am here again. I have been working lately a lot with the portraits as like I mentioned before taking pictures of people is also my big passion like nature and landscapes. I was thinking that I might perhaps combine those two together - people and nature...In whatever case you are gonna see much more of that in the future. Please check my newly uploaded pictures in the PHOTO SHOOTS or click on the picture below. Enjoy.

Hi everybody from a sunny Sweden after a period of a heavy rain. As I am in love with the trees, I am launching a new link TREES on my website where I will be posting my photographs with the trees. I feel that there is something special about the forest and the trees. The trees for me are exceptionally beautiful in whatever season they are - either if they are naked in winter or if they are blooming in spring, either if they bear solid colourful coats in autumn or if they are dressed in green in summer. Also, I am fascinated by their shapes. For me every tree is a piece of "architecture" though created not by a man but the nature itself.
Please enjoy my fine art tree photography.

We have been having a quite few wonderful days here in Sweden. And it was for me a perfect opportunity to take some pics with the Swedish forest. I adore trees and I love forest and woods. And this weekend I have made a huge discovery as I found forest in Skåne and in the Southern Sweden that reminded me kind of a jungle.....Hope you will also enjoy my Swedish forest photos as much as I do.
I have uploaded them under the link SWEDISH FOREST (Svensk skog).


Hi all.
Today am launching a new link of fine art photography from my travelling. Starting with Italy - one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. For me  Italy is food for the soul. For me going to Italy is like going home...I just love it... In Italy you can find everything - history, beauty, architecture, food, you name it. Everything in one place, under one roof. On my new link you will find pictures from Varenna, a fabulous little village by Lago di Como. Hope you will enjoy the pictures. Shortly I hope to post some more. So check on my website time from time to see what's new.

Dear All,
Here on my website you can also find my portrait photography. Most of the shots have been taken spontaneously without any preparations. And though I adore nature photography I really enjoy taking pictures with people. 
I would also love to try a wedding photography and I am very sure that I can do it pretty well as I love moments and I love spontaneity and naturalness what I think would be a perfect basis for the wedding photography. 
If you are reading this and you know someone looking for a wedding photographer just drop me a note. Give me a chance and I will do my best!

I am based in the South Sweden but  it would be a big fun for me to take pictures anywhere.


I think landscapes have become my favourite subject. But I feel that portraits are also very close to my heart, though I have not done so much of a portrait photography yet. But I am planning to do that more in the near future. And here you go - a selfie! I can tell you that it was not so easy to take a good photo of myself... But I have learned many new photography tricks on the way. And that was really nice..

I also love vintage and rustic photography and soon will be posting more pictures on this theme. Please click on the pictures for a better view. Your comments are very much appreciated; and if you would have a minute to leave your feedback I would be very happy and grateful for that.

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    Fantastic photos! Good luck Edita!
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    Helt fantastiska bilder Edita!!
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    Så fantastiskt aTT få se dina bilder Edith! Millan

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