It was a big honor for me to record the historic moments of the vernissage with the exceptional sculpture artist Marylyn Hamilton Gierow. Vernisage was held 9 February, 2019 at Tomarps Kungsgård in Skåne, Sweden. Marylyn's work speaks for itself. Her signature is horse sculptures in bronze. Marylyn is represented by the National Museum in Stockholm and Gripsholms Porträttgalleriet. Her work can be found exhibited in many places among them Astrid Lindgren Childrens' Hospital.
In this exibition, along with Marylyn's sculptures we can also enjoy Gösta Gierow's (her husband) work in tiles and graphics.

The exibition will be held until 17 March, 2019.
For more information please visit Tomarps Kungsgård's webpage.
Please also visit Marylyn Hamilton Gierow's webpage to find out more.


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